Thursday, August 28, 2008

Florals Back in Session!

I am taking a floral events course at CCSF and am quickly falling in *lUv* with my instructors. I absolutely adore Holly and think I may have a girl crush on her!? I thought it was only me and then three other gals in my class commented on how smitten they were with her as well so I thought, well see that? She's just a great soul and damn can she make a floral arrangement!

So here I am back in class( same background as my Ikebana), watching her whip up an arrangement as she is explaining the whole Flemish look. She brought out these still life paintings so we could start to learn how to stage still life's, compliment with florals and start to understand the different styles of design. it just me or does THIS look like a painting????
I swear I just added my little logo to this pic, I promise you I didn't photoshop.

Whew! She's got skills and I sure can take a picture, no? haha :)
My friend Maribel made this and I absolutely love it.
Purple, lavender, and deep red is GORGEOUS!
Can't you see this arrangement at a wedding in the wine country???

Here is my little ararngement, it's got so many different types of flowers, foliage, and textures and I love it. :)

Here's a closeup: bluperum, broomscorn, myrtle, tulips, yarrow, dahlias, brunia, and dusty miller.

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