Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Daisy/Rust Wedding {the details}

Here's a peek at my girls.
My Bride and my bouquet of course!

So let's see, I suppose I should try and start at the beginning.
Here's a shot of the bride with her Maid and Matron of honor.
I loved that they both wore different dresses and see their sash?
Well the bride bought the fabric and afterwards she gave it to me since she didn't need it anymore and I figured I would be able to maybe wrap the bouqet handles or do something with them. It's a gorgeous Rust color to go with the Chocolate/ Mocha Brown dresses. You'll see it make an appearance later on in the wedding.

Fast forward to the adorable flower girl in her cute rust/ orange dress. The dress had a soft mesh? Organza? Tulle like "shell" over it and at the bottom were rose petals. I matched the rose petals she threw as she walked down the aisle and she was just beaming.
See the "T" monogram on the floor right in front of the minister? I did it at the last minute and didn't snap a picture so this will have to do.

Right before they pronounced them married, she looked over at her family and smiled.

I hung up those clear squirly hanging candle holders that CB2 Sells that I bought in NYC

I hung them with clear fish line and put in a yellow billy button and a gerbera daisy head so they look like they are floating above the "alter".
People were fascinated with them , I had like 6 people ask me where I got them?!
They cost about $2 each. The link above directs you to the page.

I found out that a toss bouquet was needed when I picked up a program for the day and was admiring the font.
I read ohhh she's doing the garter and bouquet toss.
Wait! What?!? A bouquet toss wasn't ordered! EEEKKKK!
Of course it was all in my head, on the outside I was calm and walked over to my flower bucket and back out to my car to get ribbon and pins to make an on the spot bouquet.
THANK GOD I carry around supplies in my trunk and that I always take extra flowers with me just in case.
So there she is in all her glory.

I couldn't bear to leave these broken flowers at home so I brought them to pretty up the table.

Ok, so you all know that if a bride ask me to use my card box I will lend it to her, right?
It's really perfect, sturdy, has a slot for cards, cute, decorative and FREE! haha!
But wait, look at the money tree or plant or flowers with butterflies- whatever it is! Isn't it just the cutest thing ever? They were made out of money!!!

Big Brick wall.
Big tall arrangement.
Perfect :)

The cake person dropped off the cake and it was my task to decorate it. Well in this case, Jen, my friend, came with me to help set up since we had one and a half hours to get EVERYTHING in the room, and she decorated the cake. But when the cake person came she pulled out this big white wire stand and I just couldn't use it or fix it up with what I had and then I remembered the extra fabric that my bride had given me.
It was the perfect length and so when she was setting up I just started draping.
Mind you, I had not planned this, it was a spur of the moment type of thing but I think it looks good, right?

The cute flower girl and ring bearer making their grand entrance.

Here's a close up of the arch arrangement in action.
Perfect for an Orange or Rust wedding.
Red Alert Lilies, Billy Buttons, Gerbera Daisy,Bear Grass and Dahlias.
I used the bear grass to create dimension and echo the Billy Buttons.

Clsoe up of the Bride anbd Groom at the sweetheart table along with her bouquet.

The three vase centerpiece with three types of Gerbera Daisies sat on a Rust colored square that I made for her.
I told my bride that if she gave me the table numbers I would get them on the vases.
So we used raffia and double stick tape to get them to stick and stay in place. I'll show a little how to when I share my other tutorials.

Here are her favors!
Boxes with Daisies glued to the top and chocolate inside along with a custom CD of the songs they used throughout the ceremony and wedding reception.
The graphics were freaking awesome.

The MOH with her bouquet. She's so cute!

This is from the night before. A close up the rehearsal bouquet.
Killer weather makes for beautiful outdoor pictures.

Flowers Pictured:
Billy buttons, gerber daisy, lily, roses, bear grass, dahlia, curly willow, celosia, bells of ireland.


JamZone said...

Brenda - you are absolutely AWESOME! Even in the midst of all the chaos, you remained calm, cool, and professional. Everyone rave about the flowers, centerpieces, and arch. Thankfully, we prevented our family from walking away with them. (LOL) When our older sister knocked over one of the aisle vases, you just calmy had it cleaned up and replaced it like nothing happened. Thank you for making Daisy's wedding beautiful!



perfectly imperfect said...

Looks great! Can't wait to meet you soon! I like what you did with the table numbers ...hmmm :0)


Daisy Hernandez Terada said...

Words can't express how thankful we are that we had you creating the mood to our wedding! Everything was SO BEAUTIFUL! We loved everything you did and everyone could not stop talking about how pretty the flowers were, how beautiful the setup was and how impressed they were with how detail-oriented and creative you are! Our families absolutely LOVED all the decor, your professionalism and the fact that you were so calm and mellow throughout the wedding despite the last minute fixes and wedding craziness! We are so blessed to have had you as our florist/decor diva! Thank you for everything, B!!! And shame on you for acting healthy although you were sick as a dog!!! Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry! I'm takin' you out to lunch soon! =P Hehe! Luv ya, B!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can't wait to send you the photographers pics!!!

Luv, Daisy

bree said...

Whew! I'm so glad you liked it and that everyone was happy. What a great family you have! Everyone was so kind and helpful and funny! I have never laughed so much at work! :)

Congrats Daisy and Jon! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day.

Katy said...

wow, what beautiful pictures. You have now become my newest inspiration for flowers. I love gerbera daisies, and I am having a fall wedding, Halloween, in fact. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who made the flower girl dress or where it was purchased? It's gorgeous!!!