Sunday, August 24, 2008

Green Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Pictures

I just want to thank My Orchid couple for allowing me to share in their day. The day was filled with love and happiness and I was thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you for the opportunity to let me be of service to you , it was truly my pleasure.
The family was wonderful and the bridesmaids were absolute dolls.

I'm still on a wedding high from Saturday. They are so damn cute! So let me start off the:

{Orchid wedding}

Here are the bouquets and one of the grooms boutonnières.
The bride wanted to use the fabulous green Cymbidium Orchid and nothing else.
No filler or leaves.

I added a ribbon collar at the base of each bouquet so that there would be transition from the flowers to the handle since an Orchid bouquets has to be individually wired.

Here are the boutonnières.

Here is the Mother of the Bride and Groom corsage.
Simple and Beautiful.

I went in to visit with the Bride and give her the bouquets and I was pleased to see that it looked beautiful against her dress~the perfect size!
If you look closely you can see her bouquet charms honoring relatives.

The bridesmaids were in there picking up their bouquets as well.
Originally they weren't going to carry bouquets, but we added them in at the last minute and they were happy. :)
The green mini orchid bouquets popped beautifully against their deep red dresses!

So as soon as that was squared away I went to finish the ceremony site.
The vases (which I think are now pretty much retired from "aisle duty") were filled with curly willow and green Cymbidium orchids and the smaller vases were filled with river rocks and rose petals. Both submerged in water to amplify.
The Curly willow in tall vases marked the center where the couple would be married.
I strung and wired orchids into them and they looked really good.
The carpet was literally rolled out, a plush white runner that looked *GREAT* with the chairs.

I tied off the white aisle with a ribbon so no one would walk onto the aisle runner.

Once that was done it was onto the reception room. Here are the fabulous centerpeice.
Wheat grass was grown in these boxes that the bride's mother stained. I adore them!
The whole place looked crisp, clean, modern, and beautiful.
I giggled to myself while I was setting up because I got the biggest kick off of me humming Outkast "So Fresh and So Clean" as I was working to set up the boxes of wheat grass and the horsetail table numbers. They gave the centerpeice a bit of height, kept with the green look and provided a clean line doubling as a table number holder.
After the ceremony I took the floating orchids from outside and placed them in the wheat grass boxes and I broke down the vases and made an arrangement that was placed in the room. Sadly I didn't get an opportunity to take a pictures of those :(

So then they played the waiting game.

First the lucky groom in the front hall.
I asked him if he had seen the bride before I took this picture and he said no, and I told him she looked stunning and he smiled like a kid at Christmas!

Then the Wedding Party.

Finally the Bride.

So while I was at it I took a picture of the Manzanita Tree at the guest check in table.

Here's a shot of the wedding party as they went by the reception room.
I stole a picture from the cake area.

Here she is with her father. She's so gorgeous! Doesn't dad look dapper?

An amateur photographer taking a picture of a pro photog taking a picture of another pro photog. I tickle myself with this one :)
Okay but seriously, Blueberry Photography ROCKS!
They are so nice and they are everywhere at once....I swear they are magic.
Nicest people :) I can't wait to see their work!

Oh God this picture kills me!!! If that is not love I don't know what is............

There was a lot of laughter and smiles all the way around!

They jumped the broom with style, hehe!

And then a couple after my own heart, they danced down the aisle.
*I fell in love with them*

{And they lived happily ever, after...}


Amber said...

Aww I love your captured the wedding well! Beautiful flower arrangement...great job!

jammy said...

you were the best ever! seriously everything looked more than amazing, i was so stunned from the moment i walked in and saw the manzanita branch until the very end when people were fighting over the centerpieces...

and these pictures are amazing :)

thank you so much for everything!!!!