Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Daisy / Rust Wedding- The beginning details

Here are a few details of my pre wedding set up. I'm still recovering from my cold and went out for a bit today to meet with a new bride so I'm still feeling a bit under the weather and now my focus is switching to my Orchid wedding that's happening in a few weeks.
I must say that I absolutely *love* all the brides I have had the pleasure of working with so far. All have been gracious, creative, incredibly nice and so open to my ideas and suggestions. I hope that I can serve them well.

Here is a bouquet I made for the bride so she would have a real bouquet for her rehearsal walk down the aisle.
It took a ride with me in the front seat :)

I made her a wreath so she could put her "In memory of Candle" at her sweetheart table.
I thought it was a wonderful way to acknowledge all the family members that could not be there.

This little funky guy sat at the guest sign in table.
All I heard was:
"Hey this is cool..wait are these real?? They're plastic...right?"
Nooooo they are red Spider Daisies. Cute huh?

These little ladies gave our card box some color.

I made these mini pomanders just to add some height behind the card box and on the table where her gifts would be placed. She hadn't registered anywhere so she thought that maybe if someone felt inclined to give her a gift her family would bring cards. So rather than flank her table down with a big floral arrangement I opted for some color high and in the background.
I made tutorials on the pomanders and on the wreaths so I will share a little later.

Next I will start to post some pictures of the details, like the cake, the card box, the centerpiece ect.

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Daisy Hernandez Terada said...

Words can't express how thankful we are that we had you creating the mood to our wedding! Everything was SO BEAUTIFUL! We loved everything you did and everyone could not stop talking about how pretty the flowers were, how beautiful the setup was and how impressed they were with how detail-oriented and creative you are! Our families absolutely LOVED all the decor, your professionalism and the fact that you were so calm and mellow throughout the wedding despite the last minute fixes and wedding craziness! We are so blessed to have had you as our florist/decor diva! Thank you for everything, B!!! And shame on you for acting healthy although you were sick as a dog!!! Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry! I'm takin' you out to lunch soon! =P Hehe! Luv ya, B!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can't wait to send you the photographers pics!!!