Saturday, August 23, 2008

MY Orchid Wedding was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

I have been sooooooooooo busy with meetings and wedding prep and weddings and SCHOOL, that I haven't been posting up my wedding like I have.

My Orchid Bride got married to the love of her life today and I was witness to pure love and I was honored to be a part of the day.

I have been to MANY weddings this year, both personal and professionally, and I have teared up once and it was at my OWN wedding! NEVER at a clients weddings. But today I was really inspired and touched not by the words, they were beautiful, but by the gazing into his eyes, and the smiles, and secret words they said to each other during the ceremony that only they could here. Weddings like this make me happy that I have gone into the wedding worlds. I really love weddings! I love my job!!!!

Here are the beginning details.

Okay, so I show up at the flower market the butt crack of dawn and they get my orchids and they are THE WRONG COLOR.
Enter heart attack on the inside, on the outside:
( ok it's the same reaction, but still)
They gave me some bologna about how they missed their flights.
I finally received them Friday morning. Any other flower and that would be a disaster, but the Orchids come ready to go so I was not too worried.

Here is the Wheatgrass resting and getting ready to shine as centerpieces.

Right after the ceremony I am going to re-use the Orchids from the vases and place them on top of the wheat grass. The brides mom stained the boxes, aren't they wonderful?

These vases with submerged rose petals and curly Willow and Orchids will line her aisle.

Here's the Manzanita Branch with the ribbon and Orchids.
I anchored it down with black river rocks and limes.
There are only two orchids on there in this picture just so I could see what it looks like.

Finally the curly willow.

I wish I could have found my other brown vase like this one but I could only find one in my inventory. Something tells me I let a bride borrow one and I never got it back. :(

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Anonymous said...

I was looking at your blog and you have a lot of nice designs and ideas. My favorite is your Orchid Wedding. I particularly loved the big tall arrangement you did with the white ribbons hanging off a branch with a few orchids. I have never seen that before. I thought that was very creative. Thanks for sharing.