Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daisy / Rust Wedding- First Pro pics in!!!!

Vincent Au shot the beautiful couple in Berkeley August 2, 2008.
What an incredibly nice and super stealth guy! I swear he was every where and he was soooo patient with all the family and friends clamoring to get a shot of the bride and groom alongside him. I have personally had photographers get snippy with the family for crowding them.
I totally understand they are at work and they are the pros but can't they just be nice and cuddly? LOL!

This wedding was a beautiful Daisy wedding.
Her colors were Chocolate Brown, Rust Orange, and Cream.
Here are some of the pictures that I received. There are hundred of fabulous preliminary shots so I just picked the ones that I really liked the most.

Here I am in action. I was pinning on a fake corsage for the Grooms mother. She is allergic to flowers, I think? Maybe it was the Daisy? Anyhow, she needed a fake one made so I made it out of Daisies from Michaels and a little bit of glue from a glue gun and floral tape and viola, in pictures you can't really tell they are fake. This was a first for me :)

He got the shot that I couldn't take of the monogram and the front of the ceremony "altar".

This never gets old.
I *LOVE* the look on the grooms face as he waits for the Bride to make her romantic.

I am really pleased with the bouquets.
The MOH and Matron of Honor had different dresses so I made the bouquets different for each as well.
Yay! Cake shots :)

The cutest little favors contained chocolates inside the boxes and were topped off with a Daisy.

This is a picture of bliss defined....

They are so cute and the weather as you can see was GORGEOUS!

Fabulous Rings shot
A cute back shot of the couple's sweetheart table.

Ahhh....good times. I loved the colors: Chocolate Brown, Rust, Orange, Pops of Yellow, Deep Reds and a touch of Burgundy to make the brighter colors standout.The Daisy wedding went down without a hitch and I am so happy for them!

They lived happily ever after.....


hbowar said...

I'm planning on using daisies at my wedding! The bouquets look amazing!

Bree said...

Thanks! The daisies were easy to work with since they are so beautiful and they take up so much space! A little goes a long way and the colors work for summer and autumn.

Daisy said...

They were so AWESOME! B did a WONDERFUL job! Can't wait to see what the other 500+ shots look like =) My sister Mart is renewing her vows next year and if everything goes well with getting it together, she said she's planning on hiring you, B! =)