Friday, February 27, 2009

The Universe has blessed me

My partner and I started to feel the heat this week when we recieved news that the product we were using to make our dress for the floral show would not be available.
Then we got a little help from some people around us.
One made a call but told us to think of a new dress.
One told us not to worry he would take care of us and he would find it one way or another.
But then the universe blessed us and we received a reply to an email we had sent a wholesaler and not only did he have our product but he is donating it to us for free.
As in no payment free?
As in I-want-to-kiss-my-gay-partner-in-the-mouth-for-writing-SUCH-a-good-letter-free??

My partner(My floral designer friend that is the other half of B&B)
left me a message and I came straight home to drink prosecco all night long, hehe.
So I just wanted to put it out there, that what will be will be and my fabo partner did a great job with the email he sent and I am sooooo lucky to have him and we are going to rock this show and I cannot wait to share pictures with you!

Here's a link to the
Bouquet to Arts

On the first little blurb about opening Gala Night is the info on the floral fashion show I am competing in and some great info about the program as a whole.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be mine

Ok, ok so it's early for Valentine's Day, what can I say I'm a florist? :P

I made this arrangment with a cool wedding centerpeice in mind. You can either stack tiered candle pillars for romantic lighting, you can fill it with water and float some flowers. Or create more space in the center and float some candles. I kind of like it with that space. It makes your eye follow the line and creates movement. The good thing about a centerpiece like this is that you can use just about any flower with flexible stems to make those beautiful lines, and it can be any color. Tulips are great becuase they come in any color and really I only used 3 white and 5 red tulips.

Flowers used:
  • Red and white tulips
  • Lily grass
  • White, orange, red rununculas
  • white alstromeria
  • Galax
  • lemon
  • fern
  • Red and white Mini Carnations
  • White and green mums

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pave Pie anyone???

I have been MIA, I know I know, I just have been hella {yes, that's a Bay Area word, lol!}
Seriously, like I am catching up. I'm super upset my computer wiped out all my links and bookmarks that I have collected over the last year or so of my favpriate must read blogs and sites. :*(

My daily fix is no more and I am starting from if you have any suggestions on blogs,
PLEASE send them my way!

I have been making pave cakes!
Beautifully colored floral pave arrangements is what I have been up to lately.
Here is the front of the pave along with an overhead shot.
The flowers I used were:
Orange, red, yellow spray roses, equisitum, white mums, red hypericum, statice leaves, pink hydrangea, pink and white wax flower, galax leaves, lavender, moss, bear grass, yellow daffodils, and rocks.

Sideshot and closeup:

Here is one that my friend Maribel made. I love that it looks like a bridge of equisitum.

These babies can be used for low coffee tables in a liounge for a wedidng or event. i think they make great low centerpiece too, since they don't block the flow of traffic and they can be made in pretty much any color combo. We just happened to make ours colorful but they would look super nice in shades of green with some brown for an organic vegetative theme.