Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be mine

Ok, ok so it's early for Valentine's Day, what can I say I'm a florist? :P

I made this arrangment with a cool wedding centerpeice in mind. You can either stack tiered candle pillars for romantic lighting, you can fill it with water and float some flowers. Or create more space in the center and float some candles. I kind of like it with that space. It makes your eye follow the line and creates movement. The good thing about a centerpiece like this is that you can use just about any flower with flexible stems to make those beautiful lines, and it can be any color. Tulips are great becuase they come in any color and really I only used 3 white and 5 red tulips.

Flowers used:
  • Red and white tulips
  • Lily grass
  • White, orange, red rununculas
  • white alstromeria
  • Galax
  • lemon
  • fern
  • Red and white Mini Carnations
  • White and green mums

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