Friday, February 27, 2009

The Universe has blessed me

My partner and I started to feel the heat this week when we recieved news that the product we were using to make our dress for the floral show would not be available.
Then we got a little help from some people around us.
One made a call but told us to think of a new dress.
One told us not to worry he would take care of us and he would find it one way or another.
But then the universe blessed us and we received a reply to an email we had sent a wholesaler and not only did he have our product but he is donating it to us for free.
As in no payment free?
As in I-want-to-kiss-my-gay-partner-in-the-mouth-for-writing-SUCH-a-good-letter-free??

My partner(My floral designer friend that is the other half of B&B)
left me a message and I came straight home to drink prosecco all night long, hehe.
So I just wanted to put it out there, that what will be will be and my fabo partner did a great job with the email he sent and I am sooooo lucky to have him and we are going to rock this show and I cannot wait to share pictures with you!

Here's a link to the
Bouquet to Arts

On the first little blurb about opening Gala Night is the info on the floral fashion show I am competing in and some great info about the program as a whole.


Adizat said...

good luck on the competition

Bree said...

Thanks! We are looking forward to it and have been working hard on our dress,plus, I can't *wait* to share pictures :)