Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Green Centerpiece

A green centerpiece perfect for a couple wanting an organic growing centerpeice at a table or a buffet table. Actually a floral piece like this one could make a counter at an office pretty interesting, or even in a waiting area or a conference room, too.

It's a floral arrangement with a vegetative base and then it has a second component which is the "nest" that is floating towards the top half of the arrangement.

See?Here's the nest made out of curly willow. It kind of looks like the white pom poms are in the nest right?

Here's a closer look at the base.

I used white and yellow rununculas, white spray roses, geranium, succulents with yellow flowers on them, gal;ax, and berzilia.


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! You should have a gallery of all your photos. They are very creative.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind! I found your gallery. Simply gorgeous!

Bree said...

I will *never* get tired of green and white flowers:P