Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bouquets to Art 2009 Part {2} The Gala

We turned this beautiful product from San Marcos Wholesalers

Into this!

Isn't it crazy? Silver tree is a branch with about 80 petals on it that are a deliciously gorgiffic(yes, that is a word) silver. We individually glued close to 2500 petals on our dress by hand.
I made the birdcage out of melveccia vine and orchids by hand and we glued the functional clutch and shoes as well. Brandon is the man.

The. Shoes. Were.Fierce.

This was the back. Mad detailing.

So let me take you through our fabulous night!
We arrived backstage to the De Young Museum in San Francisco and were whisked backstage where all the models were getting dressed. There we began to see the dresses in the competition.
Here is Margret's beautiful dress. The rose petal detail is flawless!

We all had to do some last minute primping and here is someone gluing in her petals.

This was a creation by Joanne, Naomi , and Jenny.

This beauty was a stunning play on the famous Yves Saint Laurent dress.

This one was Rubie and Macs and they blew our socks off and we were not upset that they won first place because the dress is the EXACTLY replica of the famous bird dress by YSL.
Here I am with my friend and model Jessica. Isn't she gorgeous???

SO then they lined up at about 6pm and were waiting to take the elevator down to the stairs where they would be judged.

My partner Brandon helped her up the stairs and then we left her there to do her thang!

The judges were there asking her about the dress and even after wards a few judges came by to comment that the dress was impeccable and that they were amazed we were not fashion students!B&B Floral Design Team at your service!

This is team B&D, hehe, my honey, Durojaiye :P

So then the judging was over and we made our way to the tents and we had to stop every ten feet to let people touch our dress and take pictures! I have 200 pictures and in all the pictures there's someone always looking at her!!! We were thrilled. She looked soo damn good.....

My birdcage was made with vines and orchids by hand! I love the whole birdcage veil look and knew I wanted to make one. Maybe someone will let me do one for there wedding.....?

Then it was time to have a drink and let people come up to our model and take a closer look.
Here's my friend Maribel's Dress.

The collar is bananas! Those anthurium are real!

Here is Jess with her husband taking in the scene.
The flowers the lighting the FOOD! It was grand.

We were standing here when I ran up to Nancy Liu Chin and told her I'm a blog stalker....I still don't care that I bum rushed her, I was too thrilled to be in her presence because I think she is just the best. Well that wasn't the word I wanted to use but my daughter reads my blog! lol

By the end of the night, we had our first meal of the day and of course I had to commemorate with a plate shot. :P

Next up will be how we got this bad girl together :P


LotusHaus said...

Off tha hook! I wish I could have been there! So lovely to finally see your beautiful photo too!!!! I'm so proud of your work! Impressive!!!!

Bree said...

Thanks J,that's means a lot:)
It was fun and fantastic and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again!

Brandon said...

Working with you Brenda was one of the highlights of my floral career to date. If I had the chance, I too, would do it all over again.
Love and flowers,

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mija, I have and aways will be Proud of everything you have ever done. You are a true inspiration of success. Love ya, and always Proud of you!!!!

Adizat said...


that dress is fierce! You did your thing. I am very happy for you. what an experience! It is nice to see a picture of you as well. You go girl! As always, your posts are fun. I like the words you make up. Like your daughter, my son would have fun with it as well. Have a great day

Bree said...

I love you, you are the best.

Thanks for the kind words, it was fabulous and I am still replying scenes in my head. My daughter and I get a kick off of making up fantabulous words :)
I never post myself up because I am the photog in the house and I often work alone so I don't have pictures of me!hehe, I always give him a hard time about that...

Anonymous said...


OMG I had a friggin BLAST and loved that I was the one who rocked the fierceness that was the B&B DRESS! That baby was to die for ... from head to friggin toe! You guys are awesome and thanks again for giving me the honor!


nancy liu chin said...

This article is just too cute. You are on your way to FABULOUSNESS.

Congrats. Nancy Liu Chin

nancy liu chin said...

You are on your way to FABULOUSNESS.


nancy liu chin said...

you are on your way to FABULOUSNESS.