Monday, March 16, 2009

Bouquets to Art 2009

Holy moly, what a night. My model, my retro glam siren...she was off the hook! She rocked our dress. I wanted to cry when I saw her in her full outfit and makeup......what a dream.
I am tired from working on the dress non stop for the past three days so I leave with you this picture. The party? fabulous, the food?ridiculously good. The flowers? glorious. My bird cage veil? *sweet* Laugh out loud moment? Someone was congratulating me on my job, telling me how much she liked it and thought it was gorgeous. Who was it??Flipping Nancy Liu Chin!!! I chased her down and told her unabashedly that I blogstalk her. kinda wierd? yes. Did I care? absolutely not, hehe.

whew. I have got to process pictures and start from the beginning soon. But now, I must sleep!

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LotusHaus said...

Bree you rock! I posted your fabulous couture outfit on my bloggy! Enjoy!