Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bud Vases as Favors

Big ups to Target.
They have provided for me a perfect favor for a baby shower. My girl friend is having a baby boy
(I told her she was going to have a boy! *deep bow* thanks.) and we are throwing a baby shower for her. I have been thinking long and hard about a cool favor.
So imagine my delight when I walked into Target and found these perfect little bud vases with "hope", "dream", and "live, laugh. love" on them!
For a dollar?!?!?!?!?!
Are you serious?
So I naturally bought all 40 that they had left.

Aren't they great? I hope to buy different types of flowers and place one or two stems in each, with a pretty monogram ribbon or embossed tag around the neck of the vase
(does that makes sense?)
Here is another picture by the windows in all their glory with red tulips and camelias in them.

I would like to have them all arragned on a little table so guests can pick one up on thier way out and maybe keep it at thier desk or on a windowsill and think of Moni's baby boy every time they put a garden flower in it!

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