Monday, March 30, 2009

Treasure Island Wedding {Part One}

So I would like to share with you my

Treasure Island Wedding
This lovely wedding took place in the very beautiful Casa De la Vista on Treasure Island in
San Francisco, CA.

Here is the happy couple, J&R, enjoying the blue skies and gorgeous bridge views on Treasure Island, in beautiful San Francisco. All the vendors were FABO: Chris from Chern Loong, Dorothy from Dorothy Hatchel Photography, Sunset Bakery, Kevin from Denon and Boyle and I bought the flowers and Jonathon arranged them! Lynne and the staff at Casa were so nice and I would love to work with them all again. Thanks to Alison and Brandon for coming through to help. :)

We crossed our fingers for good weather and I assured Julie that I would employ my skills as a weather changer...ok, ok...really, I stalked and hit up my almanac for last years weather. But I could tell her it wasn't going to rain and that we would be ok *cross my fingers*.
And guess what?? It worked, I'm magic. No rain.

Moving right along..... :)
So we proceeded to set up shop. First we made sure the aisle was big enough for Julie to walk down the aisle with both parents, ommitted an extra row from the front aisle so Dorothy(Dorothy Hatchel Photography) would have enough space to do her magic up there and then it was on to the place cards.

Ok brides out there, can I please ask a bug favor? Could you maybe alphabetize the place cards before packing them away? I will tell you why: when I opened this bag I could see that they meant well by placing them in the order that the guests would sit at the tables, however, it's way too hard for a guest to try to look at each table number in hopes of finding their name. So make sure they are alphabetized so that we can lay out the placecards and have the guests just look for their last name.
I laughed because I was saying out loud
"...ok, wait I have 12 Go's and like3 12 Wu' I need to start on their last names ok A,B,C,D...." yes, arranging Dave, Dan and Donna in order somethimes throws me off, hehe.

Then it was off to check on the ceremony site, the cocktail area, the reception room.
I loved how they used this hurricane glass to swirl in the napkins!I'm easily impressed :P

The view from Casa de la Vista was GORGEOUS!
I love San Francisco and to see it from this view was magical....

Here is the setting for the sweetheart table.

Look at this this ceremony it not to die for? I fell in love with the tree as soon as I saw it.

Then it was time to get the tea ceremony going.

So I will continue with the tea ceremony, the western ceremony, and the lion dancers!

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