Monday, April 6, 2009

Treasure Island Wedding {Part Two}

I'm terrible! I was so busy sleeping and resting and finishing my midterms and getting ready for spring break that I had no time to finish my posts about the wedding on the bay!

So we were at the tea ceremony last. :)
Aren't they cute? *love, love, love* those dresses!

Unfortunately I had the setting on my camera all screwy so I can't share the ceremony with you all but it was very sweet. My favorite part was when Julie told her guests, "so guys don't have to pay attention too much to what we say.....feel free to talk!" Haha, yeah right all eyes were on the couple:)

So trust me when I say that it all went as planned and then it was time to get our Bride ready for the Western Ceremony that would take place outside.
So by the power of computers viola!
Here she is all pretty in her BEAUTIFUL dress.
I told her I would go and get everyone settled in seats and the wedding party lined up and that the next time she would see me it was show time.

So we lined everyone up and it was time to walk down the aisle.

I was literally hiding in the bushes so that I would be out of the Photographers way. But it was pretty hilarious because I'm 5'2 and my assistant at DOC gigs was like"I can't see you!! so I was like tippy toeing over the bushes so we could exchange cues.
To give you an example of how ridiculous we look as we try to steer clear from sight I do what I always do in moments like this.
Commemorate with a picture!There's Brandon whispering "Where the heck are you???"
Anyhow, back to business.
I Just loved the dress the mother of the Bride wore!

It was a packed house and we were trying to make sure everyone had a seat and with a bit of tetris action we did it.

You may now kiss the bride!
This smile before the kiss was too cute :P

Then they walked down the aisle MR and Mrs.

Best memory of all was when the parents walked down the aisle. They gave each other a four way hug and ALL jumped up and down smiling and laughing.

Then it was on to the cocktail hour.
At this point we had to keep the guests moving to the outside patio and watch out for lions in the parking lot.

What lions? Didn't you know Treasure Island has lions.......

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