Tuesday, April 7, 2009

50,000 lovely people visited me!

How happy and surprised am I to see that I crept over 50, 000 hits today?
I just want to say hi there and thanks for stopping by. I'm still wondering why no one ever comments????? But I'm like big brother....I know you are there! hehe.
That's kinda scary, let me stop.
Seriously thanks for coming and letting me rant and share my pictures with you.
I really love what I do and hopefully I can help someone with my DIY tutorials and my adventures in floral design. :)


Adie said...

Hi - I'm here! Adie

Rosa B said...

I am sorry not to comment sooner, I just love to read everything you talk about. I am just starting out with my new floral business and you are an absolute inspiration! I have had nightmares about not having enough pink roses for my first wedding job next month, but after reading this post I feel a little better!I think....

Bree said...

You guys rock! All two of you, haha! :P
Adie~ about time girl! Just kidding

Rosa B.~
Yes, the first wedding is scary, but after that things are so much easier and they get better the more you do.
The first pink wedding I had,the flowers all DIED the night before.DOH! I had to get a new batch at 5am and get a bridal bouquet ready to be delivered by 11 am. So stuff happens, roll with the punches I say

Good Luck!Let me know how it goes.:)