Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aqua and Yellow=DROOL

Last year I made the flowers for my dear friend Jen of Green Quince. Check out her shop when you get a chance you will LOVE her. My post is called the Indie Wedding.
So I got a taste of what the colors yellow and aqua would look like.
I really think it's been on my brain to get my hands on another bride who
wants these colors put together.

Any takers?

I made this arrangement with horsetail that I fenced together to create a peep box. The inside is filled with flowers, one yellow mums, one with white mums. The base is a pave of roses, bear grass, rocks, mini carnations, melveccia, bells of Ireland, and some kermit mums.
Hope you like it!


Jen said...

Brenda - thanks for the sweet words and for putting out a link to my new Etsy site! I love looking at our wedding photos and admiring the beautiful work you did on our flowers. My bouquet was divine. To this day I get a huge smile everytime I see photos of it. You rock!

Bree said...

Thanks girly! I am looking for an excuse to have a party so you can make my paper products...:P