Monday, April 13, 2009

Cream of Tomato Soup Flowers

She wanted Kitsch, I gave her copper bundt cake pans in her kitchen and cream of tomato soups cans on her mantle.

I love it when people say do what you want, here are my colors!
I got a call to dress up a home for a woman's dinner. The only instructions I got was to make it fun, bright and hopefully something that could be taken home at the end of the night.

So I kicked around a few ideas and asked Brandon for some help and here is what we came up with.
We kept a food and drink theme for all the flowers and started with the kitchen pieces.
The first was a bright red and orange floral arrangement made out of Tulips, freesia, seeded eucalyptus, safflower, carnations,red and orange gerbera daisies, mauve cymbidiums, and orange roses. I designed the flowers into copper bundt pans so they could sit on her kitchen counter.

The second was designed in a copper "le saucier" pot that I absolutley adored and hated to part with!

For her piano I made these flower cocktails in margarita and wine glasses with that colored foam I talked about a while back.

She was thrilled with how well they matched all her home decor and was happy she would be able to give everyone a floral arrangement when they left for the night.

Ok. So here's the deal with these flowers. Remember when I said I thought that the coke bottles in the bathroom at the De Young were kinda cool and that I thought they would make great centerpiece? Well I wasn't playing around! I was dying to make them and then out of the blue someone asked me for them!

I thought they looked great on her mantle.
I used billy balls and tulips in the coke bottles and safflower, orange roses, red carnations, orange and red gerbera daisies, and some seeded eucalyptus.

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Jen said...

I love the mantle display with the coke bottles and tomato soup cans! These bright colors are so cheerful too.