Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silver and White Phalaenopsis Wedding {The set up}

If you live in San Francisco, 70 degrees is what we consider a really nice day, 75 is "hot". So imagine our surprise when today the weather was 83?!??!? OMG. It was waaaay too hot for me! I was DYING.
Yesterday in Rohnert Park it was 90.
I was working so hard I hardly noticed until we left and sure enough as we hit the Golden Gate Bridge it was down to 53 degrees. Crazy.
Anyhow, just had to get that out of my system, lol. :P

Unfortuantely I don't have quite as many pictures as I normally do of the set up or the ceremnoy, or the wedding because my camera broke(I will be sans camera for 3 weeks! What will I do with myself?) and the chip I used had the smallest capacity in the world, so bear with me.

{Silver Wedding}

I met my Phalaenopsis bride in a far far away land called
She seemed really nice, so I gave her some tips on DIY florals and then she delighted me by asking if I would be available to do her floral work, to which I replied demurely:
Hell yes!
So we went back and forth and then one day she asked about the beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid and we started to create her wedding flowers around this moth orchid as some people call it. I like butterfly personally, but anyhow, she wanted a green hydrangea bouquet with white orchids for her bouquets as well as the brides maids.

Here is the Bridesmaids bouquet, it was smaller than the bridal bouquet and it was ribbon wrapped with left over fabric from their bridesmaids dresses. The biggest most beautiful green hydrangeas came in from Columbia so it only took 2 large heads to make the bridesmaids bouquets. The Phalaenopsis orchids were individually wired in.

It was so incredibly scenic out there. I mean I'm not kidding you! Look at this picture.

Here I am taking shot of the ribbon collar on the bouquet and there's a duck just taking in the view in the background, hehe. I couldn't have staged it better.

The flower girl would carry this green hydrangea pomander down the aisle. I decided to add in orchids to this pomander to match the wedding party and I accented with a silver ribbon handle and a simple tie at the base. I could have gone all cute with a ribbon but the orchids are the stars of this pomander thank you.

We arrived to the location which was Foxtail Golf Club in Rohnert Park and started to set up the centerpiece. I blogged about them earlier this month here and once constructed we set up 19 tables. The centerpiece was a potted Orchid with hydrangea at the base of the centerpiece, the white pots were ribbon wrapped with
silver satin and they were placed on a moss mat adorned with a single phalaenopsis flower.

I had extra orchids that weren't used and so I gave one to the banquet manager to wear in her hair. Pretty cool, huh? Pretty soon all the other gals working the event had orchids in their hair!

Here is the shot of one of the boutonnieres. Simple phalaenopsis orchid with a green hydrangea floret and bouillon wire around the stem.
Align Center

Here is a shot of the corsages. Double bloom orchids with a little fern, some silver decorative jewelry and a silver satin bow.

Then it was onto the gazebo. Here we just decorated the top of the archway with a floral spary that consisted of pittosporum, lemon leaf, dendrobium orchids, chrysanthemums, stock, amaranthus and alstromeria.

Then just when I thought it was time to go home, the groom me and asked me about the cake.
To which I replied, huh???? Ok, so I was more eloquent than that but in my head I was like HUH?

Turns out the cake person left and didn't decorate the cake. No one saw them come in and set up and no one was there to call me or even the couple.
I was asked to decorate the cake and here is what it looked like.

I didn't have a picture or anything, I just knew she needed a certain amount of hydrangeas and orchids so I did the best I could!

Then it was time to leave and I left the couple and from the parking lot I stopped to watch her walk down the aisle. She actually ran down the aisle, I bet when she sees the video she will know she was running to her man!!! Too cute, she was all smiles ans she looked lovely.
Cool as a cucumber in that heat I tell ya.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding J & B, much love and happiness to you both!


dutchbaby said...

You did a great job on that cake. Way to come through in a pinch!

Bree said...

Thanks Dutchbaby!
I used to be terrified of going near butter cream cakes to decorate because once you make an insertion, that's it, no room for error! :)

Kate said...

Beautiful! I'm going to use some moth (butterfly) orchids in a wedding I'm doing next week and was thinking about wiring them into a rose bouquet. How long did they last without a water source? I was going to arrange the day before, but now I'm getting nervous... Thanks!

Bree said...

I arranged these the morning of and they lasted all day. I did a trial a week before and they lasted fine sitting out for about a day and a half. It was about 90 degrees that day in the area the wedding was at and they ok during the day. They are pretty hearty.
As long as they are fresh they do well, if they are not, they will be goners within hours.

Good luck! You will be ok :)