Monday, January 12, 2009

Green Ikebana

I forgot to share these great Ikebana arrangements with you!
This is Soho's arrangement that uses monotone colors with a matching container. I love the use of her lemons and anthurium, they go perfectly with the vase.

This was Jamie's last arrangment before she left for Paris to pursue her painting.

I love her use of willow, celosia, kale, green dianthus.

Ok, ok. I lied. It's not an entirely green post. This purple little number includes artichokes with gray protea as well.

Urban Chic Centerpiece

I completely forgot to share this. It's a project that one of my classmates Rubie made that rocks!
I loved it from the minute I stepped foot outside to hear the critique from Jenny, our instructor.

This is Rubie's Ghetto Fabulous party for Margret Cho.....

It's awesome isn't it?

This old radio was actually playing The Notorious BIG on low and I was loving this chain she got to somehow wind up the whole centerpeice.

One of the cassette players was playing music and the other was spilling out flowers.
She also said she got some pictures from New York's first female graffiti artist *Lady Pink
on the side of this old school boom box that she spray glues on then spray painted gold.

Your eyes do not deceive you , that's an old 40 ounce Old English bottle with I think China Berried floating in them! HAHA! She must have had fun getting this project done!

I have flower envy, yes I do. I think this is so flipping cool and I can picture myself at some seedy hip hop club in NY with a couple these centerpieces lounging around. :)
Rubie did a FABULOUS job!

*I'm pretty sure it's Lady Pink but if it is wrong, let me know!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wheatgrass Centerpiece

I came across this image looking for inspiration for a wheat grass place card table I'm going to make. I would love to recreate this but make it longer so we can fit the 150 place cards on them separated by scabiosa rows.


Kind of like this one the bride sent me.
I don't know where it came from but if someone knows please let me know. :)

This picture I came across the wedding decorator. Talk about eye candy, that blog is yummy.

The bride and I originally talked about having clusters of roses around the base of the wheat grass. Now I'm not sure which I like the best? decisions decisions......

Lastly I want to make a variation of this little centerpeice here as a cocktail table centerpeice.

Pink and green are the wedding colors so just squint your eyes and picture all things pink, hehe.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Floral Hair Piece

I forgot to post about my pink floral head piece!
I remembered it only because I suggested to my partner that we make a floral hair piece or a floral birdcage veil for our model for the fashion show at the De Young. More on that later:)
I made a little DIY tutorial on how to make a wedding or event fresh flower hair piece.
Ready? k.
  • Trust me you need this adhesive. It's water proof, holds everything together and I use it every opportunity I get to glue flowers together. You can buy it on line or at craft store for like $6.

  • Two chenille stems or pipe cleaners.
  • Floral Tape
  • Bobby Pins
  • You will need leaves that you want to use: ivy leaves grow everywhere*read: free*, that's what I used.
  • Blossoms of any kind, in my case I used hydrangea florets.
  • Lastly any beads, pearls, buttons, feathers, or jewelry that you would like to incorporate.
I'll start with the first column:

1. You have to fashion a head band from the two chenille stems. You basically twist the two ends together and stretch out a loop the size of a dime and then twist it and create another section. You make a other opening the same size and twist again. Like figure 8's.You should be able to make about 8 loops total. The green floral tape you see is where you tape on another little loop to both sides so that you can attach the bobby pins to that instead of to the long strip itself.
2.Cut out your leaves, florets or blossoms, and find a jar so you can place your headband at an angle so you're not gluing onto it flat{if you do, once you go to bend it to place on your head it will distort}, and then make sure your IPOD is on. :)
3. Start with one leaf in the center and layer each one, leaf by leaf, overlapping each other. All you need is a small drop of the adhesive. It's tacky so dab a little glue onthe back of the leaf, hold it for like 5 seconds, then position it and down hold it for like 5 more seconds.
4. Layer them in one direction and then down the other and what you are creating is a shelf to glue your flowers onto.
5. Pick the side you would like to place your cluster of flowers on. Either centered or off to one side like mine.
6. Apologize to the reader because I failed to stop and take a picture and just plowed away without stopping in between the greens and the florets and jewelry. oops. sorry!
7. But you do the same thing you did with the leaves, layer the blossoms and create a design you are happy with and lastly add the jewelry or buttons or whatever touches you like. The glue works wonders with these items as well. In my case I added pearls and beads.

Here's is my finished band. I couldn't get my camera to focus right so you will have to forgive me and my lack of camera skills. :(

Ya like?
So if my instructions are not clear, or you want more info by all means leave me a comment!
P.S. You can make one with ribbon on a regular $1 plastic headband like this one here.
This one was ribbon wrapped first, then the floral beads were added on.

Perfect for a cute little flower girl!

Yellow Ikebana

I am in the mood for some sunshine. I'm ready to start this year off, aren't you? I'm busy with client meetings, I start school back up next week. My beautiful husband upgraded my ring over the break*sigh* I love that man. :)

I celebrate with a yellow Ikebana of course!

How awesome is this for a yellow wedding? Hello gorgeous wall or door decorations?

This is not yellow, but! it makes me incredibly happy so I thought I would share.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tiffany Wedding

Wouldn't these flowers make a great wedding display for a Tiffany inspired wedding reception? The flowers are awesome with the tiffany blue. Ting Ting made these in class as a part of our final project.

The flowers here are Ti leaves, lily grass that is curled to look like a fiddle fern, white tansy yarrow, white callas, ivy, yellow carnations, green hypericum berries, and cream tulips.

It is supposed to be for a Christmas display but really once you take out the pine cones and ornaments you are left with beautiful flowers that can be incorporated into fresh floral centerpieces or buffet pieces.

Adding the tiffany blue can be made easily by using the linen to provide that splash of blue, or making the container blue or ribbon wrapping the vase with that Tiffany blue silk ribbon.