Monday, January 12, 2009

Urban Chic Centerpiece

I completely forgot to share this. It's a project that one of my classmates Rubie made that rocks!
I loved it from the minute I stepped foot outside to hear the critique from Jenny, our instructor.

This is Rubie's Ghetto Fabulous party for Margret Cho.....

It's awesome isn't it?

This old radio was actually playing The Notorious BIG on low and I was loving this chain she got to somehow wind up the whole centerpeice.

One of the cassette players was playing music and the other was spilling out flowers.
She also said she got some pictures from New York's first female graffiti artist *Lady Pink
on the side of this old school boom box that she spray glues on then spray painted gold.

Your eyes do not deceive you , that's an old 40 ounce Old English bottle with I think China Berried floating in them! HAHA! She must have had fun getting this project done!

I have flower envy, yes I do. I think this is so flipping cool and I can picture myself at some seedy hip hop club in NY with a couple these centerpieces lounging around. :)
Rubie did a FABULOUS job!

*I'm pretty sure it's Lady Pink but if it is wrong, let me know!

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