Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wedding Wreath {Stephanotis}

I'm so upset I broke my camera...*sob*
There I was, flashing away on a floral arrangement I made, next thing I know the camera goes completely white! Like the aperture is not working or something???
My camera is less than a year old and I broke it. :(
So I am digging in my pictures of florals past and found this to share with you.

We got some fresh stephanotis donated and I worked on this
fresh floral stephanotis wreath in the shape of a heart with Ruby.
Perfect for a wedding and smells heavenly.

This baby took 125 fresh stephanotis!!!!
Holy moly, that's a lot of flowers but it smells SO good and it's so pretty I know some bride out there may want to splurge on something like this for her ring pillow or sweetheart table. :)
What's something like this cost you ask?
Between $150 and $375 depending on who makes it for you!

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