Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pink+Terra Tabbytosavit= AWESOME

I can't even begin to tell you how talented Terra is.....like seriously.
I was impressed with her easy going nature and by how nice she was as a person, then was further impressed with her professionalism and by the pictures she threw up on her laptop for the same day slide show that guests were able to see during the wedding reception. The pictures untouched were AMAZING and I couldn't wait for her to blog. I have been stalking*uh, checking* her site for the last two weeks and today I saw these!!!

I think the pictures are stunning, I think Adie looks freaking great! Nina is another artist I want to highlight because she did such a great job at making Adie look glam yet herself at the same time. She looked great but didn't look made up. Does that make sense???
Anyhow, back to Terra.

She's awesome and these are her pictures from her blog of the pink and chartreuse wedding I had a few weeks ago.

What a great looking wedding party, right?

Go to Terra's blog now and drool over her pictures! :P

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