Monday, February 2, 2009

Pave Pie anyone???

I have been MIA, I know I know, I just have been hella {yes, that's a Bay Area word, lol!}
Seriously, like I am catching up. I'm super upset my computer wiped out all my links and bookmarks that I have collected over the last year or so of my favpriate must read blogs and sites. :*(

My daily fix is no more and I am starting from if you have any suggestions on blogs,
PLEASE send them my way!

I have been making pave cakes!
Beautifully colored floral pave arrangements is what I have been up to lately.
Here is the front of the pave along with an overhead shot.
The flowers I used were:
Orange, red, yellow spray roses, equisitum, white mums, red hypericum, statice leaves, pink hydrangea, pink and white wax flower, galax leaves, lavender, moss, bear grass, yellow daffodils, and rocks.

Sideshot and closeup:

Here is one that my friend Maribel made. I love that it looks like a bridge of equisitum.

These babies can be used for low coffee tables in a liounge for a wedidng or event. i think they make great low centerpiece too, since they don't block the flow of traffic and they can be made in pretty much any color combo. We just happened to make ours colorful but they would look super nice in shades of green with some brown for an organic vegetative theme.


Adizat said...

very nice design. I just came across your blog. I see you are a fan of Mary J. Love all her music all the way from what's the 411. Hope you have a great day.

Bree said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, I love Mary, she's great and I was all over that 411 album and to this day it is the only album(ok, ok jagged little pill, too)that I can listen to from the beginning t end without stopping. :)