Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daisy Wedding- Recap

My Daisy wedding was yesterday and it was beautiful! What a lovely family she has. I was blown away by how helpful and loving her entire family(both sides)were. They were so funny! I have not laughed more at a wedding, laughter was definitely a big part of the day. It was a perfect day in Oakland California and the views from HS Lorships were stunning. I was too busy to go out to the water and snap up a picture of the Bay. Too bad because you could see the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge clear as day.

I started setting up the flowers Wednesday and I was sick as a dog, fever, chills, coughing and all. By Wednesday night I lost my voice and I needed to talk to her about a detail and I called her and
I tried my best to downplay that I was sick. I told her I felt great, that my voice had just ...left...?
I was hoping she wouldn't stress about my side of the plans and assured her that no matter what I would be there and the flowers would be there with bells on!

I have about 400 pictures to chose from to share so I will sort them out this week while I recover from my cold: I'm pooped!
So till then...

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