Thursday, August 7, 2008

Easy Peasy Centerpiece-sy {DIY Centerpiece Ideas}

Lets see what we can do about these centerpiece ideas that are relatively easy to DIY.
Make your own centerpeice if you want to stay within budget, have a small event and you have the time and won't stress about it.

#1 First up is an Ikebana design by Soho ( my fabulous Ikebana sensei)
Doesn't this look like a fabulous table centerpeice for a low lounge table
for maybe a winter wedding?
You can play around with the colors though to use it year round.
Picture a brown branch with a red, or fuchsia or orange flower.

One flower of your choice (buy a bunch and break it up or raid your aunts garden :)
Buy a branch of your choice(Get a bundle at Michaels and break it up, for color you can spray paint it)
One glass bow
You can get bowl one at at Ikea for $10or this one at Ikea for $5
Although I have seen this at the dollar store.

#2 This blue glass I bought at Ikea about 2 years ago for $3 and its used to hold potpourri.
I used galax leaves and I love them because they are shaped like hearts. Aren't they cute?
There are many variations of this.
*Just leaves and a few blossoms.
*Leaves and a single rose or peony or gardenia floating to one side,
*One flower in the middle with spray roses or other blossom surrounding it.
The color and flower variations are endless but I assure you this is fast and affordable.
The Galax leaves cost me $2 and spray roses that come with a ton of small flowers(24-40) was $7 and the roses cost me $12 for 24 at the flower market.

#3 My friend Brandon made this CUTE centerpeice for a final in a floral design class that can really be used at any event on either cocktail tables or maybe a few spread out along a long table. I love it!

To make this one:

Flowers of your choice (12 roses will work with a small bud type flower of your choice)
Square vase
Round bud vase
Rocks ( pick some up at the Dollar store)
These vases are available at Ikea for $2.49

Ikea $4.99

Or 7 for $8

The middle vase can be any bud vase that rises higher than the rectangle vase, you could even use a tall glass like the ones pictured above, as long as they fit in the vase and they can be secured with the rocks all around. Who will know?

Assemble the flowers in your hand and then cut down to size.
If you don't know how then here is a tutorial that's pretty good. I will post my own tutorial later.

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