Monday, July 7, 2008

NYC -We're baaaaackkkk!

We are back from our trip and I loved it!
We ate at great restaurants and went to funky neighborhood bars and visited local shops.

We attempted to witness the famous 4th of July fireworks in NYC.
Well we(us and about 100,0000 other people) ended up being directed to 38th and 1st ave and we were eagerly awaiting the start of the fireworks in the rain. Yes, surprisingly as soon as the first drop of rain fell the t-shirts stands turned into umbrella stands, hehe. We bought some and headed to our spot. Well, we HEARD the fireworks start but didn't see them. Then as a crowd everyone turned and pointed to the east and at the end of the long street we could see the tips of the fireworks so we ALL as a mob did an about face to the right and stampeded down 1st ave. Against traffic. It was a mass exodus and like mosquitoes to the light we CHASED the fireworks from 38th to 23 rd and then to 14th St.

I ran 24 blocks in the rain to see two minutes of fireworks......

This is what I have to show for it, you can see everyone in the streets and the cabdrivers don't care, they just wove around people and honked their horns!!!
Here's a shot of chalk art this street artist made. Pretty cool huh?

In Greenwich Village we stumbled upon a memorial of tiles dedicated to the families of 911.

Here is my honey dragging my package around Soho from CB2 for my August wedding.

Daytime Empire State Building

Night Time Empire State Building

Hello his and hers adidas wedding shoes! How freaking cute are these unconventional wedding shoes? Great for pictures.............

There was a wedding at Tavern on the Green that was being set up while we had dinner and it was Gorgeousfully Magnifintastical. Yes, that's a word and it described it well I think.

Email me for tips if you are going on vacation there! :)

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