Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ikebana Week {Five} Part One

My last day is tomorrow and I have to say I will miss this class for the next 3 weeks or so. I have gotten used to this time during the day when I am creative and quiet as I work on my flowers for a few hours. Good thing I am taking it again as I work towards my certificate in Ikebana! :)

Let's start out with Soho Sakai's arrangements.
This looks like a round fishbowl but it's very slim, like 1 inch max. I should have taken the side view shot, you would never think from from this shot it was only about an inch thick.

In the couple of weeks, I am going to learn how to braid leaves!
Soooo excited, isn't it beautiful?
That is one leaf, like this one.

Here is Maribels arrangement, it looks spray painted to me because I have never seen this type of Lily, have you?

Jamie as usual did a fantastic job with this branch and the orchids.

I have never seen this color lisianthus either...where have I been?

Basic Slanting style Nageire

My Purple Alium Free style

I made this without using a Kenzan, the technique it to stack together branches and flowers and fold and twist and stabilize so that they support each other.

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