Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ikebana Week {Four} Part Two

Hello out there!

I have a link from AIFD(American Institute of Floral Designers') and it went great for the designers from City College of San Francisco.

Here's the blurb:
Sweeps Student Design Competition

That crane is made out of Ti leaves.

I have always heard that CCSF is one of the top floral schools in the country and I am happy and fortunate to live here and be able to take the course load for an:

Associates of Science Degree in Environmental Horticulture and Floristry

Sounds kinda important when I italicize it huh? Haha, seriosuly, I have classmates that drive from a hour away and sleep here to attend this class.

Anyhow, maybe some day I'll enter a contest. For now-


Mary made the most beautiful dahlia arrangement

Jamie ofcourse made a fabulous Birch and Orchid arrangement that can be in any wedding.

Maribel made this fabulous yellow arrangement.

My daughter came out class today and Soho had her make arrangements and critiqued her on it. SHe had a blast and the class thought the apple didn't fall far from the tree :)
She made two, the small one had two flowers: An orange and a purple flower which she calls the momma and daughter flower.

Here is my upright Nagieri and my freestyle.
She critiqued us and said I always use my colors like Matisse.
UHHH.. excuse me? {looking over my shoulder} Are you talking to me?
Holy cow, what a compliment. She made my day!

Ok, so my freestyle got a little big and crazy......I couldn't even fit it in the picture!
The task was to use dried materials and fresh flowers.
It was a jungle and Soho scaled it back a bit, but it was still wild :)
I really like it though and I got a ton of compliments.

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