Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ikebana Week {Four} Part One

Where does the time go? I have one week left and I'm done for the summer :)/:(

YAY! No school.
BOO! No Ikebana.

The task today was to try and work with an unconventional piece of material combined with fresh flowers. Some of my classmates knocked it out the park.

Soho Sakai's arrangements are beautiful, aren't they?

Check this one out.
Basic pink rollers?

OR fabulous floral accessory?!?

This is a willow branch stripped down.

This one Jamie made and she used plastic tubes and a big sheet metal thingy!

This is pretty good on its own I thought and then Soho put her twist on it and it changed completely.

Brandon threw this together in like 3 minutes.

My freestyle turned out pretty good I think.
Soho called it a

I was floored.
I like it because I made it but to have someone so good at what they do compliment you is really motivating. My camera doesn't do it justice because the branches are dried with rust glitter to match this old piece of junk form a junk yard.
Cool huh?

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