Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ahh the colors.........

Blue and yellow is fine.....

But isn't magenta/fuchsia, yellow and blue better?
Or is it just me?

These are yellow mini calla lillies and Celosias – also known as cockscombs

I've been meaning to make a celosia arrangement to see how a monochromatic three piece arrangement would look. They look like Carnations Pomanders no?

It's killing me that I forgot the name of this plant, but it was dyed fuchsia. It has this cool metallic look up close, I tried to capture it on film but couldn't quite do it. It looks pretty cool either way and I am hoping to run into a bride that would like to use this in her boutonnières. I love the way it looks in my Pottery Barn Chartreuse Vase.

Flowers Pictured:
Mini callas and celosia

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