Friday, September 5, 2008

Tango: I have another outdoor wedding

My Tango bride is getting married sooooonnnn!!! I am especially pleased that I will now be doing her florals because(unfortunately) her florist broke her leg(ouch!) and she needs someone to fill in.

"Can you help me out?"
Ummm....hell yes!
*Happy Dance*

Yay! So instead of just being the DOC for the day I get to play with flowers!

What does this mean????

It means an edition of
Blogarden is in order.
{yes, this is a made up word....}

So my Tango bride is getting married at the Marin Arts and Garden
and it's outdoors
Here are some pictures of the venue.

This is the walkway to the ceremony site where it opens up to where the chairs and aisle will be formed.

I really love this site, it's just stunning. I can't wait so see all the chairs lined up and her rose petal monogram on the grass.....ahhh, I can see it now and feel the sunshine on my face.
But that's about as far as I will get in my daydream since I will be working and running back and forth between the reception area a few feet away to tie up loose ends. When you are working as a DOC everything is on a time schedule and your eyes are constantly scanning for what can be done to help the couple,what needs to be done or fixed and most importantly for me, the time line and schedule we must keep. I smile through it all and look relaxed even when something breaks or the DJ doesn't have sound or the flower girl is MIA. The bride muist never know is my mantra, I swear.
I always tell my brides, my job is to keep you on a schedule without making you feel like you are on a schedule.
Ok, I'm off my soapbox.

Here' s where they will have a fabulous pre-ceremony refreshment table for the guests!
Under this gorgeous tree that I can't remember the name of to save my life.

The guestbook and escort wine glasses will be here.

So here we go with the flower market walk through.
For the bouquet shape, she wants something full and fluttery or organic looking, not perfectly round.The wedding colors are a medium blue with chocolate brown and lemon yellow accents along with medium and deep pinks.

The pink alstromeria is perfect! It sthe right color, its got brown and yellow...I tell ya, nature is wonderful.

I am on the hunt for these little guys in Fuschia.

I don't remember what this is called but I really like that its so thin and it has tiny little blossoms on it.

Bluperum makes everything airy and garden-y!

I always feel weird that every time without fail that I see geranium leaves I want to eat one because it looks like lettuce! haha, I promise you I don't but a good indication of whether a flower is fresh regardless of where you purchase it is if it looks good enough to eat. Just like you would buy lettuce or fruit, how does it look? Are the stems strong and green and not mushy? Does it stink? You are not going to buy limp lettuce or brown apples so think that way when you shop for flowers!

Pink or Hot Pink?
Hot Pink or Fucshia ?
Fuschia or Magenta?
These are the kinds of questions that help me narrow down the tint, shade, and tone of a color a bride is looking for. So I *LOVE* it when they are placed together at the my own personal monochromatic palette.

I really think these Iris' will pick up the linens really nicely. They will compliment the lemons she will use along with these hot pink blossoms for her centerpeice.

I took a picture of these Gloriosa Lilies a while back at Soho's garden and I think I am going to try and incorporate them into her bouquet.

I blogged about Matthew Mead over at DE-Constructed wedding a while back and now I'm thinking I have an opportunity to "borrow" some of his ideas and make it a Tango wedding detail. I'm smitten with the jazzed up mason jars and am wondering if my tango bride is willing to let me play with a less feminine, more garden-y version of it for her cocktail tables. The lower corner blue vases or bottles with a few flowers is right up my alley too. The small picture on the bottom with the clusters of flowers in old tins as well. Oh, and the top one with the greenery on the votives.....ok so I love everything, can you blame me?!

She and her FH share a love of Orchids so she came home with a little( alright, she bought 8 plants at a really killer price) surprise for her honey!

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