Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tango Part Two: They did!

What a beautiful wedding! I am so happy for the lucky couple, they are both really nice people and together they are super cute and perfect for each other*sigh* I just totally almost lost it when they did their Tango number as their first dance. It was the ultimate display of affection, at least to me, the expression and small smiles in the corner of their mouths as they danced with closed eyes across the dance floor. It was like they were the only ones in the room and we were allowed to glimpse in on their love, their souls.


Here's a sneak peek at their florals and colors for the day.
The day was gorgeous but it was a tad bit warm at 91 degrees!

At least it was if you had a fever of 101.....
Holy moly! Was I hot. Okay, let me rewind.
I was slowly starting to get sick on Friday and I was in straight denial.
I told my friend that came over to help with the flowers that I thought that I was allergic to one of the flowers I was working with and that I was sneezing due to allergies.
That I don't have.

Mind over matter, right?

Well by the time I got home to crawl into bed I had a fever. The next day I literally had to drag myself to the shower to try and cool down. I spent the next 5 hours trying to finish the florals and ribbon and day of stuff( the handles on the corsages, bouts, and bouquets) and pumped myself with Dayquil.
So as I was running around everyone must thought I was burning up from the 90 degree weather. The groom at one point asked me if I had water and I quickly sputtered something out but inside I was thinking if he only knew I'm sweating like a pig from this fever and I can barely hear anyting because my ears are plugged and I have taken waaaay too much Dayquil to stop my nose from running.
Haha! I can laugh at myself now but yesterday was no joke.
So forgive my lack of posting I will try and get my pics up tomorrow night. I still have to blog about this wedding and the two I have next weekend.
I have been a bad bad blogger.....

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