Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Different Kind of Celebration: A Life

I don't only make arrangements for weddings and baptisms. I make arrangements for all of life's celebrations and this one happens to be for the celebration of a young man named Joshua who died last week. He was 18 years old and although his death devastated his family, I think today will be a celebration of his life.

I was asked to make a simple arrangement to take to the mass and then later to the burial site. I just love the colors of white to symbolize something pure and divine and then red to symbolize strength and vibrancy. A cross seemed fitting since he will be buried catholic I believe.
Here is my funeral arrangement in white carnations and red roses with a touch of curly willow.

The red fancy roses kinda look like red rununculas, no? BTW I started seeing rununculas in the market this week! I love me a rununcula :)

Here's a little background on the piece. You can buy the foam made in practically any shape you like or you can mold and sculpt yourself. I bought a ready made cross and totally got the wrong size( Hello?! I guess I was still asleep at 5am). So instead of this taking about 1 1/2 dozen red fancy roses and about 70 or so carnations. This puppy took a full two dozen roses and 100 carnations! Wow. I'm not going to make a skimpy arrangement though, so I had to go back to the market to buy some more carnations. Extra little things like this can cost you a pretty penny in time, cash, and GAS!
So be careful out there, plan accordingly D.I.Y.-ers (sp?)

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