Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pink Stargazer Ikebana Wedding

I am going to finally get my pink wedding. I have been looking to complete my portfolio with a pink wedding and it has eluded me......but! Noe I get a chance to have a pink AND an Ikebana style wedding. Yessssss! I of course had to mock up a few arrangements to show my wonderful clients and took the opportunity to show my sensei, Soho, the arrangements so she could give me some feedback.

Here are two samples of the brides maids bouquets placed together.

One is mixed with pink and a deeper shade of pink for more depth.

This one is the same all around for a monotone massed look.
{look at the flowers/color minus the buds, I couldn't bring myself to cut them off just yet.}
EEK! I like them both, what do you think???

Here is the first centerpeice idea for a pink Ikebana inspired wedding.
Very simple arrangement of pink stargazer lilies and a touch of curly willow.

I didn't have a clear glass vase and I'm afraid to fall in love with this perfect green vase, but it was the perfect size.

Here is the one in a black container.
It has a small Kenzan and after talking with Soho about it, it actually is better off in foam for a day of event. It has Pink stargazer lilies, a bit of pink larkspur, and horsetail.

Here they are side by side for comparison!

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