Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beidermeier Florals

Yeah I know, I'm post happy :)
I am catching up!!! I have so many pictures and I am going to be busy with wedding for the next couple of weeks and then I go dark...(a.k.a. midterms)


For the longest time I have been really kind of intrigued with these types of bouquets:


Forget the materials, although pretty, it's not really my cup of tea.
But I was really interested in the composition of this bouquet, the concentric rings of flowers made up of different colors and types of flowers.
I didn't know the name if it till this week.


We made some in class!
Here is Holly arranging the start of a classic Beidermeier.

Hydrangea, lilies, tomatoes, and seeded eucalyptus.

Then we went off to make our own.
Is this not the cutest yellow and white arrangement?
It was like sunshine indoors!
Iris, yarrow, tulips, mums, and yellow and white polka dot ribbon.
EEK! Martha Stewart would be proud :)

I'm really in love with the first one, it's so dainty and cute and I love the colors.

Here's my fatty.
I call her fat because I loaded up on the flowers!
Its got brunia, hydrangea, leucadendron, two types of tulips and wire vine.
I can't remember the leaf on top but they look like feathers to me, dont'cha think?

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