Saturday, September 6, 2008

Flemish Feast

Alright so it's not food! But they are delicious, decadent florals :)
So here we are smack in the middle of the the 16th century studying Flemish Paintings.
The still life paintings are pretty amazing.

Here is my modern day interpretation of a Flemish Floral.

I think this little guy would be happy in a lush, classic, heavy room.
A pink or purple wedding with a bride that loves texture I'm thinking....

Here's a closeup of my floral arrangement. See the nest? Isn't it cute?
I stuck in a kiwi for kicks but the apple is my focal point.

As far as my class goes, I love that we have access to the same materials yet our floral tastes show distinctly different styles.
My arrangement gives off a different vibe even though we are using pretty much the same materials.
Its a long list:
Bluperum, thistlst, thistle leaves, hydrangea, brooms corn, dahlias, wheat grass, myrtle, brunia, seeded eucalyptus, holly hock(sp?), statice, ivy,variegated foliage, and alstromerias.

Here's the beauty Brandon created that I think is stunning.

Could you just die looking at these purple tulips???

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