Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red, Black and White Damask

Classic red roses with a touch of that dark red, almost black, eucalyptus for a wedding at the Hotel Vitale in San Francisco.

The bride wanted to keep it simple and so I used all red roses and spray roses, some red hypericum here and there, and touches of that eucalyptus. I love that the change in color and size of the roses gives it texture and depth, and that the eucalyptus gave it a feathery look.

These are the two roses I used throughout the wedding: Black Bacarra Red roses, and Freedom Red roses. This is the perfect example to me of how a color is subjective. When someone contacts me and says I want red roses, I say ummm....what shade? Lipstick, Ruby, dark red, wine, ect....

Here are the centerpiece lined up and ready to go.

Here is a shot of the centerpiece which are composed of the same bacarra and freedom roses, red hyperium, red peruvian lillies, red carnations, black eucalyptus, variagaited ivy, and some salal. favorite!
The couple opted for a small cake on top of the cupcake tower so that they could cut into an actual cake to get that cake cutting shot. I just love the sugar flowers and the edible dragrees.

{And they lived happily ever after.....}

Soooo I'm patting myself ( just a little) for blogging my little heart out this week. :D
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Amanda said...

These are beautiful. I find when clients ask for red it's a bit boring but this is lovely.

Janet said...

I love the agonis! It's feather-y texture is the perfect compliment to the red roses!

Bree said...

AGONIS! Thank you! I can never remember what the heck they are called.
I love you.