Saturday, June 5, 2010

no seriously.

Ok, so here's the real deal.

I have been swamped on so many levels it's not even funny.
Between weddings, and school, and flowers, and my daughter, and family emergency, and traveling, and parties, and plays, and sports, and's been a crazy year.

But the main reason is that I have been working hard to get myself and my daughter transferred to new school. She auditioned and got into a performing arts school which I am *thrilled* about. But between the transcripts, the interviews, the tests, the auditions, the recommendation letters, the shadows, the tours, and the open houses for six different high schools...I thought I would just die. But on top of that I had my transcripts, essays, interviews, paperwork, ect. to apply for my schools as well.
I am happy to say it got me into UC Berkeley where I will be going to study in the fall. WOOHOO!

So that is why I have been so busy and not blogging. So now I am free and will be catching up on pictures since MARCH...can you believe it? I can't.

So bear with me if anyone is still there...I will be posting in random order so if you see somehting form like the know why. ; )


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