Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Note to self~ The Shades of Seasonal Pinks

Type? I'm everyone's type.
This is what I imagine Peonies say to other flowers as they stun them with their beauty.

Back up Bi#$@!*, I rule May and part of June.
{and some of November and December when I'm imported from the netherlands}

And then Godetias roll their eyes and say What? I can last three weeks without my water being changed and I come in crazy colors that REEK of spring.And guess what? If you bunch me up with all my girls, we look like Peonies so there.

Then the tulips get all uppity and say Yeah well, I am in season too, and I am super cheap right now and I'm crazy! I come in all shapes and sizes, parrot, field, double, frayed edges-you name it, I got what you need, baby.

Sweet Williams - says FOOLS! People love me and they don't even know I'm a carnation so HA! They claim they love us only in mass, but they are looking- oh yeah, they are looking.

This is about the time that I truly believe I will lose all my followers because they think I'm nuts.
My husband just shakes his head and refuses to read one word.
My teenage daughter approves so I know I'm close to the edge.
This rare glimpse into my {crazy} flower world yield me no credibility and I should just take my peonies and call it a day. I can't help it.

But look at these colors and flowers?! Aren't they GORGEOUS! ugh. they make me sick.

They are also in season and I needed to post this so that I remember next year what I have in store for May and June. Godetias, that last only FOREVER. Sweet Williams that come in bi colors and anywhere from garnet red to deep velvet purple to light blush. Field tulips that I can get practically anywhere in all colors. The peonies, in coral and hot pink have been really good to me, but this is their last week.

PS. all the crazy blues are here for hydrangeas, yarrow is off the chain right now, the blue tweedia is growing like weeds, and there are absolutely no rununcuals anywhere in the market right now. ; (


Sprout said...

You crazy florist, you!

Bree said...

ONE! ONE person still reads this.
Thanks Sprout, my tried and true floral friend

Sprout said...

She shoots, she scores! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!