Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quinceanera Flowers

A long time a very smart lady told me to apply my weddings skills to funeral work and I must say that I am very thankful to her. I figured I would do the same for a request for Quinceanera flowers.
The rite of passage in the Latino culture for young girls is the Quinceanera , or Quince, that is similar to the sweet sixteen, excpet the girls are 15 years old. Most of the Quinceanera's have a court that consists of either 14 couples, with her and her "chambelan" making up the 15th couple~ or she has 7 girls and 7 boys with her as the 15th person in the court.
Either way, that's a lot of personal flowers.

So here is a bouquet that is left for the Virgin Mary at the altar. It's typically the showiest piece in terms of personal bouquets so we made this one a bit bigger than we usually have for say a bride or a bridesmaid. My daughter is the model for the day. ; )
Its a bouquet with scented geranium, stock, lisianthus, and spray roses, and greens.

This smaller bouquet was the matching green and white floral bouquet for the
Quinceanera to use.

Since there were so many couples, we decided on a simple three rose compose of flowers for the girls to use. Three red roses, geranium, huckleberry, and a red eucalyptus berry.

This was the mothers corsage which was just a single rose, the berries, small sray roses, and bit of the huckleberry.

I hope the Quince had a lovely day and may God bless her always! ; )


flwrjane said...

Que lnda the quinceanera flowers are!

Lucky birthday girl.

Sprout said...

You are too funny! Always expanding your skill set. :-)

And I wish I could lay my hands on those red euc berries, haven't run into them before.