Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My favorite flower...the Sunflower.

My Sunflower Bride was the sweetest bride.ever.
She contacted me to help her out with her wedding and I knew I wanted to work with her right away because she was just so sweet and I love sunflowers.

Her bouquet was a compose of blue hydrangea and sunflowers.
You can't see the variegated lily grass loops but they are there as the collar to the bouquet.

I made her a hair piece to match her bouquet.
It was yellow chrysanthemums that look like mini sunflowers, blue hydrangea florets and lily grass loops all glued onto a salal leaf that was glued onto a clear comb.

I always make two so that the bride can freshen up her hair piece as the day goes on.
Especially if it's something as fickle as hydrangea.
She's so pretty!
Her bridesmaids were all so helpful and her groomsmen help set up the ceremony site like it was nobody's business.

Here is the grooms boutonniere.

They had so many cute details in her wedding it wasn't even funny.
I did not capture them all, but I made sure to capture my favs.
The couple had a tree on a piece of paper and this little note that read please leaf your thumbprint. The guests were to place their thumbprint on the trees to look like leaves.

After all the guests had checked in it looked like this.

They made 1000 cranes and they sprinkled a few here and there and a few of them made it on to the sweetheart table where they placed this lovely wooden block.

The rest of the cranes made it on to a family crest that Momma Sunflower made for the happy couple. How awesome is this?

The cookies with the stickers were killer.
Jealous much? Yes. I was.

This was an awesome couple and I wish the couple much love and happiness!

{And they lived happily ever after....}

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Janet said...

I love the hair comb and the boutonniere! Tres chic!