Thursday, June 24, 2010

BLOGARDEN { Peony Edition}

Plucked from a home garden for me with LOVE....: )

I promise I won't act crazy like in my last post where I actually illustrate how flowers talk to each other in a street fight or catty gossip girl episode...I will just present my info! ; )

You will see a whole catalog of peonies in pink.
What makes them different is the the size and fluffiness factor
{an official term I'm sure}
There are:
single, semi double, double, japanese and anemone peonies and the Bomb double peony.
So you see, they don't just come in pink or fluffy. ; )

These beauties are the Coral Charm double salmon peonies and Old Faithful double peonies.

The big fluffy pink ones are Mrs. Franklin D Roosevelts

The hot pink peonies that I love are the Double Pink Ellen Cowley and the yellow ones are Bartzellas I believe.

They range anywhere from $4 to $9{wholesale} per stem when they are in season. The cheaper ones I find are the bomb peonies that have a single layer of petals on the outside then a fluffy ball on the inside. They sell those at Trader Joes for like $10-$15 for 5 stems in the peak of the season. The ones that brides like are the full double peonies that are what my vendors call the premium peonies. The big mommas a la Martha Stewart.


Janet said...

very educational! Thanks for the links to the growers - I love adding new growers to my list!

Bree said...

So many of them! I actually only thought there were two kinds. The single and doubles, but now I know what I need to ask clients when they request peonies so that they can meet the expectations.