Sunday, June 6, 2010

Orchid Wedding Bouquets

My goodness these were good enough to eat!

One of my instructors, who was a past AIFD president, once told me that when you pick out flowers, it's like picking out fruits and vegetables. They should be firm, green, fresh and good enough to eat. If the stems are brown, soggy or the petals were a bit limp~ pass on it.
Would you eat a salad that way?
Huh. Good point.
So since then I remember this jewel she dropped on me and these orchids were so bright and fresh I thought, I could eat this freaking bouquet! lol

This bouquet was a slightly forward cascade with the folded Ti leaves in the back to give it a nice shape. I normally don't do cascades, but this one begged for it and when the flowers speak,
I listen.

The grooms boutonniere was a simple loop of the ti leaf and a single cymbidium orchid with a matching chocolate brown ribbon.

The happy couple went off to get married at the San Francisco City Hall ( My 4th City hall wedding this month!) and she looked so gorgeous in her dress with these flowers in her hands. I just know the other brides were jealous! HAHAHA! no, seriously, they were.

Much love and happiness to the happy couple and I can't wait to work on the big wedding later this year!

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