Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ladies in wait

So the big day is Saturday for my Daisy bride and here are the lovely ladies drinking water.

Bear Grass, Billy Buttons, Dahlias, Roses, Bells of Ireland, Carnations, Alstromeria, Gerbera Daisy, Lilies, Kermit mums, buttons mums, and celosia.

Align Center

When I was in my planning stages for my wedding, I used to search and devour blogs that had D.I.Y. florals to see if I could make my own floral arrangements. Some I found kind of old and a little unclear in their process or they were generic and didn't have enough (or any) pictures.I thought maybe that would be something I would do this time around. Take a ton of pictures and do a step by step tutorial to hopefully help someone figure out if they can possibly make their own arrangements.

First things first. Get through the wedding! : )

I will take the pictures, make the arrangements and documents steps and instructions and post them next week. I'll make a tutorial for floral wreaths, for floral spheres or pomanders, and maybe for bouquets or boutonnières/corsages. So stay tuned.......

Open Letter to Gypsophila {a.k.a. Babies Breath}

Dear BB,

I have hated you for as long as I can remember.
Why? Because your name is synonymous with red roses and 1980's weddings, and big poofy wedding dresses with outrageous lace sleeves. You often look antiquated and I really hate it when you are inserted as a filler into perfectly good bouquets.You have even managed to give carnations a bad name by association and frankly, you irk me.

But I had second thoughts when I saw Mrs. Strawberry from Weddingbee pull this beauty off.

But it was solidified when I came home and stalked, uh, checked, The Brides Cafe for this real wedding from Sedona Bride

Okay, everyone in my life knows I have a fascination with candles, and damn it, candles on a mantle? Stop it.
Look at that wreath, it's made out of*gasp*
babies breath.....and I love it!

So I apologize, BB, I no longer hate you.
Provided, of course, you come in mass form and there is not one red rose or green fern for miles around! haha...*cough* sorry.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mexican/Latin Themed Party/Wedding

Why so many slashes? I don't know, hehe,
I couldn't decide what to name my post.
Nevertheless I was emailed a question about cake toppers and of course that started my quest to find pictures and examples of cakes and how yes, dammit, skeletons can be cute!

Both from the fabulous blog
In The Now Wedding and Events out of SoCal.
Beautiful events and the the owner Amanda has great taste and gorgeous pictures on her blog. Yes, I blogstalk her on a daily..........

Ok, so I am cutting and pasting now....little crazy...not perfect but I loved this bright table cloth and thought it would be great for an outdoor or backyard Mexican/Fiesta themed wedding or party, maybe for the cocktail tables. The floral arrangement is scaled rather large, but mainly its just for the colors and it can also work with one cluster of the same colored flowers.

Table from here and floral from

These Mexican Wedding toppers are so darn cute!

"Together forever even in death"


Favors anyone? These are freaking adorable and would totally go with the fiesta theme.
Fill em up with almonds or jellybellies or if you really want to be authentic fill them up with Mexican candies like marzapan candy.

I absolutley adore these from
So bold in color and so easy to make.

You must check out Mexican Sugar Skull for a ton of supplies and ideas for a Mexican style wedding or party. They have everything you could possibly need from stamps to make invitations to picados like I showed on a previous post, bridemaid bags, ties for your groomsmen, cake toppers, recipes.....I could go on and on. Pretty much the bulk of what you need is there, check them out!

All pictures from

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


straw flower
Brunia: comes in green and gray as pictured.


cockscomb: looks and feels like velvet

echinacea pods: usually we use them without the pink petals.

scabiosa come in lavender and white
seeded eucalyptus
Scented geranium

scabiosa pods
assorted grasses and millet
wooden box stained in brown or black

willow shell

Orange /Rust Wedding

I forgot my memory chip inside my computer today and I was highly upset that I couldn't take pictures of my Ikebana final. I had to settle for my*sniff* awful camera phone, take a look.

.:Pftttpt:. two thumbs down for quality.

So I decide to use the Milva Roses from my earlier post on my quest to find the right Gerbera Daisies for my Daisy bride. Since I had my last Ikebana class today and submitted my final project and a freaking 60 question test on color theory, flower lines, and Japanese terms: well I had a lot of left over flowers and so I decided to mock. ( the process of making up a mock up...yes, its a term...a verb. To mock.)

AnYWhO, here they are.....keep in mind that I didn't have my camera, just my trusty phone.
So forgive me for the quality but I can't send these pictures by email so I'm sharing this post with my bride via the blog.

Disregard the super green pipe cleaners....they need to be tucked in on the day of.

Now don't they look like different colors?
They look a little more pale here huh?
But I assure you it's my faulty camera phone....

They are going to sit on these tall glass vases filled with water and petals at the start of her aisle then lined up all the way down to the "alter".
I posted about her vase lined aisle and centepieces a few months ago.
I'm going to line her aisle and then when the ceremony is over I am going to take those vases and place three at each table.

I'm going to make her a flower petal monogram.
Pictured here in Orange

This would be half of the start of the aisle.

Or in Orange with a little red?

Flowers pictured:
Billy Buttons, Daisies, Gerbera daisy, alstromeria, curly willow,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daisy Wedding{ Flower Market}

I saw the perfect Gerbera Daisies for my Daisy bride!!!

So her colors are rust and brown and I'm going to accent with bright Green and burgundy and deep red like these cosmos.

Here are a few of her details!
I'm getting excited! :)