Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Purple Bride {The Set Up}

{Purple Bride}

I really enjoyed this wedding.
The colors were great, the bride was totally kick back.
We actually planned this all on email! She's out in New Jersey and so she trusted me with her colors based on email so I have to thank her for her faith in me. :)
The Argonaut Hotel was reeeaaallly nice.
Check out this lobby area.

How cool is that concierge desk?
This fireplace is pretty sweet too.

If you don't know by now the hotel has a nautical theme. It sits right at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and it's located in the cannery. It's a pretty spectacular hotel and the rooms are bananas.

The tall centerpiece looked really nice underneath all the compass chandeliers(there is a name for these but I can't remember)

It was super romantic in there with the dim lighting but let me tell you, it made taking pictures quite a task for me.

I just could not capture the purples, like Sprout said, it comes out red. :(

The crew that came to set up the chair covers were so sweet!
I commented on how much I actually loved the chair covers because they were not the typical polyester chair covers, they were fitted damask and they felt spectacular.
I will have to find that business card to give her a little shout out!

Here are the brides maids bouquets and the flower girl halo before they were delivered.

My friend Stella, helped me out for this wedding, and not only is she am Orchid genius( knows all the names, care and handling) but she is also a calligrapher. I always write out my own cards and silly me forgot she was coming and forgot to ask her to bring hers pens. So naturally I handed her the shi***st pen, probably a cheap papermate or something, and asked her to label the corsage boxes.

Her is the lucky grooms boutonniere, a black magic rose, a purple calla and a black calla.

The mothers and fathers had matching lavender and white corsage and boutonnieres.

The groomsmen had the black magic roses, with ivy.

Then it was time to deliver the bouquet to the bride. How I wish I could have caught her in her dress. It was gorgeous. I hope to God I get a picture of her in her dress because I was so smitten with it.

One of the bridesmaids was ready so I got a bit of her dress in the picture with the bouquet.

So all in all, I had a blast :)
The bride was super nice on email and in person. She totally trusted me and she gave me the biggest compliment ever.
When I delivered her flowers she said
"Brenda, oh my God, they are exactly as I pictured them in my head. They are perfect!!!"
In my head I pictured myself running and hugging her to the ground, but in real life I was cool , like "oh good, I'm so happy!" so you know, I kept it professional, lol.

{ And they lived happily ever after...in New Jersey....}

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