Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AIFD Symposium

I'm baaaaaaccccckkk!
I just love San Francisco. Love love love my city. :)
I went to the American Institute of Floral Designers Annual Symposium in Kansas City Missouri.
I competed in the Student Competition and I attended flower shows that ranged from nice Christmas trends and ideas to ridiculously inspirational European Style design that left me a puddle in my seat.
The flowers, oh the flowers, were gorgeous. Tomas De Bruyne was fabulous as were all the European designers. I have made it my new goal to go to Belgium and study with:
Marc Derudder, Geert Pattyn, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Tomas De Bruyne.

There are too many pictures for me to attempt just one post so I will do a series of post on my trip, the shows, and my competition.

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RosaB said...

What beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them.