Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lavender Bride{ The Ceremony}

{Lavender Bride}

The venue was in Saint Mary's College in Moraga, California.

The campus is gorgeous and I was pulling in to the driveway I noticed 3 large dogs on the side of the road and I thought rather cynically to myself,
What the..? Moraga has dough, why would they have random dogs out? Furthermore, who's cleaning their poop?
So San Francisco of me I know.
Imagine my surprise(and delight) when I rolled up three deer(doe?) and my Ughh. turned into Awwww...Bambi!
I had to commemorate with a picture,naturally.

I arrived before the wedding party so while I waited I chatted with the videographer, who's name escapes me(sorry!) and we both took pictures of the flowers while we waited.
The flower girls had a beautiful color purple dress so I made these flower baskets for them using lavender sweet peas, mauve spray roses, mauve statice, lavender roses, white spray roses, purple stock, and seeded eucalyptus.

Here is one of the Reader and singer corsages.
Mojika Cream Spray Roses with seeded euc.

Here is the usher boutonnieres.
A single Ocean Song rose with a little bit of the seeded Eucalyptus.

This color purple always seems to give me a bit of grief.
Color really is subjective to the interpretation of the beholder.
I order Blue Curiosas, for this wedding, and the grower told me not available, we can get Blue Bird roses telling me it was scary close to it in color. So I was happy with it, well the day before he called and said we were sent Cool Waters so when I got there my stomach sank as I realized the color was way to Mauve for me. So I ran around the market and finally got my hands on these Ocean Songs which were the perfect color. A true lavender.
So all you purple brides out there that want to have purple or lavender flowers for your wedding, remember: Ocean Song roses are your best bet.

The bridal bouquet was composed of lavender Ocean Song roses, lavender sweet peas, and white stephanotis with peal head accents.

As the bride made her way into the bridal waiting room, I set up the flowers for the wedding party. I love to see the flowers all lined up ready to go.
I always feel like a proud mother knowing that these flowers that I worked hard and lovingly on will go out and accent the beautiful bridesmaids and bride on a very special day.

While they got ready, I went outside to pin on corsages and boutonnieres.

Are these not the cutest Ring bearers ever?
Waiting diligently in the same spot right in front of the church doors.

I came back in to catch one of the bridesmaids taking a picture of flower girl baskets. :)


I thought it was so appropriate that the Bride would have a chalk board in her waiting room because she is a school teacher!

Last but not least was the bride just before it was time for me to go and her time to step into her gorgeous dress.

The last thing she said to me was that she knew she wanted stephanotis and rose but that when she imagined her wedding day flowers it was nothing like this.
My heart did a flip flop.
She said it was better and so much more than she could have imagined and she hugged me and said Thank you I'm so glad you made my flowers!

oh god.
I almost cried.
The only floral designer in town that even thinks of crying when she gets a compliment.
I was on a high and i felt incredibly lucky to have helped C&E out on their big day.
She was so happy and he was so excited to see her that I left thinking to myself.
What a nice couple, I bet they will have a ton of babies and have great big parties with a lot of family and friends always. *sigh* I couldn't wait to get home to see my husband suddenly.

{ They lived happily ever after...}

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Anonymous said...

I'm the mother of the bride and I can say they were the most beautiful bouquets, corsages and flower girl baskets ever! It was a large wedding, 7 bride maids and 7 groomsmen, 2 ring bearers, 3 flower girls, parents of the bride and groom, 2 ushers, 4 readers and 2 vocalists. Kuga Designs stayed and pinned the corsages in place, the flowers were fresh and beautiful! She did a terrific job!