Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's in a Name

*Roll with me on this one, I have a point, we are just going to take a little trip first.

A penny for your thoughts, he said.

So here they are.

The world is holding out on me. I'm convinced.
I never knew there were yellow watermelons.

I love the farmers market. My mother used to drag me out there every Saturday and I loved it as a kid( ok, ok, it was the free samples that won me over...kinda the way I love Costco now.....)
and then I hated it as a teen. I wanted to sleep , she wanted to pick fruit and flowers.
But then when I had my daughter I suddenly needed to go back and I have been going there on my own for the past 12 years. So today I came across for the first time a yellow watermelon and I am delighted that I am still discovering things and I took it as a green light to explore more.
So naturally I came home to Google it and I cam e across this:

"When using the open palm technique for ripeness, avoid melons with a high-pitched tone or a dead, thudding sound. "{source}
I don't even know what this means.
I'm tone deaf so maybe this is why I can't pick a melon to save my life.

We had a brand new baby born on Monday.
A 9.3 lbs. baby boy!

It got me to thinking that my own little boy is growing up so fast.
I am starting to shop for preschools.
So then I got to thinking that I adore baby toes and baby fingers and chances are, my son Kuba, who is such a ham, is probably going to be my last and he is getting so big. Well, he started out that way, he was 10lbs. when he was born, his dad is 6'5 what can I say?
Am I getting the baby blues all over again?

Which brings me to my next thought.
I love my mom.
She makes things.
Out of scratch: cioppino, pies, clothes, stuff.....
It's amazing how she turned my daughter's T'shirt that is 7 years old, into a a pillow at my request!
My daughter, Gaby, wore this T-shirt way back before I even know I loved flowers as much as I do today, and I could never get rid of it. A crafty friend suggested I make it into a pillow and I thought"That's perfect!, I'll do it!" (read: My mom will make it.)

Which brings me to how I came up with Kuga.
Ku-ga is a mash-up of my kids name.
KUba and GAby.
My boy and my girl to represent the things that I love best outside of them.
The loves of my life and my flowers.
Kuga Designs.


Sprout said...

So glad you shared this story!

I always find business names (and family names, and first names, and nail polish color names, and oh, just all kinds of names!) to be really interesting.

It took me forever to come up with my business name. My mom said "What's wrong with Cathy's Flower Shop?" Ugh.

BTW, out here, said with a Mass accent, your business name sounds like coo-gaaah = cougar = hot older woman. First thing that came to Husband's mind when I was telling him about you. Just be forewarned before you come to Boston!

Bree said...

AHAHAHA!I laughed out loud at the comment as I was walking through the market this morning and checking my email. Everyone thought I was that early bird freak laughing to herself.
I thought thatit sounded like Cougar when I first came up with the name but then I dismissed the thought figuring no one but me would think that. heehee. Boy was I wrong!Yep, someday I may live up to my business name *wink wink*

It's pronounced like the actor Cuba Gooding Jr.( No, I didn't name my son after him though)Coo-gaah is right.:)

(side bar= My friend and I went out to a club in Missouri and I told him we were getting to old to go out to a "club" and I called him a trout...karma is a beast)