Monday, July 27, 2009

Floral Couture {Delicious Eye Candy Anyone?}

So I am jumping all over the place, I know , I know.
I haven't finished on my Euro Bouquets, I haven't' posted my lavender wedding and I am dying to share with you my two latest obsessions. But I am bursting with a need to be creative. My juices will be all dried up because I start school back up in three short weeks, and I am feeling like I am running out of time to get all my summer"projects" started.
Obsession One: Floral Dress

I am in love and have been obsessed since Bouquet to Arts in making another dress.
Here is the dress I made out of flowers. Silver tree, cymbidium orchids, ti leaves, flax, and melveccia vine for the birdcage veil.
Someone suggested to me I should get into making floral wedding dresses and in that one night they planted a seed in my head.

I have been playing around with the idea for the last four months and I walked into Ross the other day looking for something and I came across this. Sure, I lied to myself and bought it to hold my earrings...yeah right. My mind was spinning with making miniature dresses.

I had to have it.
It has been sitting in my kitchen for the past week calling my name.
Then I started thinking of all the designers I researched along with the Yves St. Laurent catalog when I was making the dress and the nagging thought that I should make a dress came back.
So I wanted to share with you some pictures and artist that have been inspiring me.

Franz Grabe out of South Africa is bananas.

Nicole Dextras via the Orchard Studio. If you are a flower whore like I am you will love her blog.
Best. Eye Candy. Pictures. Ever.

Alexander McQueen is a savage.


So then I thought about all the beautiful couture dresses made out of recycled items; magazines, coffee filters, newspapers, rubber name it, chances are someone out there made one.

Or how about a dress made out of say, condoms?
Adriana Bertini dresses out of condoms. Whoa.

The famous phonebook dress.

After seeing these pictures I feel like running to my studio and making a dress immediately.
But sadly, I need to sketch and buy flowers and all that jazz. Kinda important, right?

Obsessions Two: String Art and Armatures

Why? I can just picture the placement of flowers on a perfectly constructed armature or string art installation.

Elly Lin is a master at her work on botanical fashion. My god, have you seen her books??
Whew! I love her twig dresses and I am so surprised that I cannot find one of her dresses online but this is a taste of the magic she works with plants and flowers.

String Art via {curious g30rge}

So you can see why I interrupted my regularly scheduled program to bring you into my obsessive world of dresses right? right?


LotusHaus said...

Love this post! I love floral couture too. I will email you some pics that i've found. Thanks for hipping me to Elly Lin. I didn't know about her. Does she have a website? I couldn't find her when I googled.

Bree said...

Hey there mama! Elly Lin is phenomimal. I couldn't find too much info on her but when I get my hands on her book, I'll shoot you over some images of her stuff. Kinda of like the book "Flowers in love"(Moniek Vanden Berghe)only for me, Elly Lin bopoks are like watching a fashion show on pages.

AMAZING. She makes botanical purses, dresses, jewelry, bouquets. It's stunning, the craftmanship.
I have lost a link to an artist that makes dresses for Dior and Channel and I am kicking myself but you would totally love her.